My ASID Experience - Emily Castle, ASID

Twenty years ago I re-entered the world of interior design after staying home to raise children and allowing my husband’s career to soar.  I always had a design sense, and I earned degrees in both Interior Design and Architecture.  I was quite well organized and reliable, but was that enough to establish my own business?  I realized I needed the confidence, peer support and referral system that becoming an ASID member provided.

The ASID appellation signifies professionalism and ethical practice to clients, employers and industry partners alike.  Doors were opened for me because of my association with ASID.  “Design Impacts Lives”, so I took design seriously.  I was not just someone picking colors.  I wanted to be a trusted advisor to my clients, providing dedication and a level of expertise that represented the highest standard of excellence.

I made friends with ASID members who mentored me and helped me know which vendors provided the best goods and services.  We networked and learned together at local ASID Chapter events as well as national ASID conferences around the country.  Today my ASID friends are some of my closest.

The ASID website provided a platform to get my name out and to display my work before I had the money or the time to establish my own website.  As my design portfolio grew, so did the repeat and referral business.

Today I credit ASID with advancing my career in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  I have served in many capacities with the local ASID Chapter, including as President. I have had the honor of being on many national ASID committees, as well.  I am proud to say I am a member of ASID, now leading a firm of eight talented designers that also value the many ways in which ASID advances our profession.

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