Pinnacle Awards 2019 - Download Packet & Submit Online!

Thank you to all who came out to the Angad Arts Hotel last week and helped kick off another award season!

The theme for this year is “Unlocking the Potential of Design & Community”.  We unveiled the poster design by Carlos Zamora along with raising money for a wonderful local organization Home Sweet Home!  Click here to see more photos from the event!

The Pinnacle Awards are so much more than an award ceremony.  Yes, it serves to highlight exemplary projects from our talented group of designers.  But its greater purpose is to foster the growth of the next generation of design leaders.

We’ve introduced a number of changes to this year’s awards to encourage and make it easier for students and newer professionals to get their work submitted.  We look forward to getting to know this emerging group of designers and seeing them showcase their hard work!

All in all, a very successful evening but the clock starts ticking NOW!  

Deadline for submissions is July 15th!

The award ceremony will be held at Hotel St. Louis on September 26th.

More details coming soon but for now, download the packet & get your projects submitted!!

Download Member Entry Packet

Download Student Entry Packet

Submit your projects online!

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