Chapter Sponsorship

2022 Chapter Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear Industry Partners of the Missouri East Chapter,

We are excited for this new year and look forward to bringing designers and industry partners together for collaborations in networking and trends. Below are some events that we have created with you in mind!

Each month we will be inviting a partnership with our industry partners for our Networking: Over Coffee/Cocktails series, as well as Pop-Up events to provide the latest product information and educational seminars to our membership.

Networking: Over Coffee/Cocktails – Alternative between 8:30am and 6:00pm

Pop-Up Events – You set the date and time

To get on the calendar for these events, contact our Director At-Large, Jess Mendenhall, at

CEU Series: We plan to have two CEU series this year, one in the early spring and the second in the early fall/late summer. Our spring series is focusing on business management and development. Should you have any CEU certified presentation, non-CEU certified presentation, or know someone that could speak on these topics, please let us know! Connect with our Professional Development Director, Brendan McFarland, at

Sponsorship: Chapter sponsors will have the opportunity to have their events advertised through the ASID social media and additional communication channels. Please see the sponsorship packet for more details. Information for these types of communications will need to be submitted to our Director of Communications, Jessica Roller, at

2022 Chapter Sponsorship Opportunities

Your board is dedicated to the growing our membership, both through business and educations, and developing the careers of our students and emerging professionals. We hope you are as excited about 2022 as we are!




Katie Moses, Allied ASID

Missouri East Chapter

President, 2022


Brendan McFarland, Educator

Missouri East Chapter

Professional Development, 2022-2023

National Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities are available on both the local and national level, and offer the ability to increase visibility through additional marketing, branding, special access, or deeper engagement with an audience.  As a member of a Chapter, Industry Partners have the opportunity to be involved in their local design community – to network and connect with other members, participate in leadership, or elevate visibility as a chapter sponsor.  

To augment local chapter efforts, we also offer sponsorship opportunities that align with ASID national platforms, programs and initiatives, providing you additional access to the ASID network through a variety of channels depending on your preferred exposure.

Learn More About National Sponsorship